More than just Inspiration and Education, Juggernaut MC has extensive experience in making things happen.

We believe that every business will have a specific need for hands on help.  From working together in collaboration with shared responsibilities to having someone handle all of the details we pride ourselves on making you adventure into marketing efficient, effective and fun.

Some Action examples:

  • Marketing Management / Implementation
  • Online Strategies: SEO, Social Media, Websites
  • Promotions
  • Publicity
  • Event Planning
  • Advertising
  • Brand Consolidation / Creation
  • Sales and Lead Generation
  • Marketing Management / Implementation

The demands of a business can keep people for maximizing their marketing potential.  Knowing what will work and when it will work will require focus and research.  Whether working in collaboration, independently, part time, contract or full time we have ability to help you implement your objectives and create turnkey marketing department that will a benefit for years to come.

Online Strategies: SEO, Social Media, Websites

Today’s marketing world has many unique opportunities online.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your website to rise to the top and be noticed by ideal client.  This involves knowing what Social Media opportunities will work for your business industry and how it works in conjunction with your web presence.


From coming up with the idea, to ensuring set up, implementation and follow up are all taken care of, Juggernaut works with our clients, their partners and staff to demonstrate the actions required to do a successful promotion, and to enable them to do it on their own the next time. We bring experience, organization and laughter while training you in the fine art of a positive promotion.

  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Fusion Promotions
  • Charitable Causes
  • Special Events (Open Houses, Anniversaries, Features)
  • Sponsorship
  • Membership and Loyalty Programs

We offer a complete training package, on Creating a Successful Promotion.



Implementing a publicity campaign is so much more than sending a press release to the paper. It involves many layers and details, starting with your brand and image, key messages, staff preparation and communication, timing, contacts and leveraging your existing network. Juggernaut will create a publicity campaign tailored specifically to your needs, while guiding you through the process, to enable a better understanding, and ease of implementation in the future. We will help you launch a successful campaign, by creating an industry specific media list with all relevant traditional / social media contacts, create publicity documentation, press, media or news releases, and deliver full documentation, including working media lists to you at the end of the project.


Event Planning

Juggernaut has experience hosting successful open houses, anniversary celebrations, fun parties, rocking concerts, scintillating premieres, and professional networking and VIP events. From coming with a brilliant concept, to seeing it to fruition, Juggernaut will work with you to put it into action, and ensure that everything flows smoothly.


Juggernaut will put together a strategic Advertising campaign that maximizes reach and has a clear message. Based on our high volume dealing with media, Juggernaut is able to assess annual advertising spending, and makes significant savings and improvements to your expenditures.


Pulling together key messaging, with strategic timing, can optimize your advertising impact, and raise customer awareness and recognition. Better yet, by establishing an annual plan, savings can be negotiated into advertising contracts, and businesses can forecast spending for the coming year. Coupled with customer surveys to assess effectiveness, this may be the most important advertising money you spend!



Having a clear, relevant message, that ‘speaks’ to your customers, and is conveyed by your brand, is one of the most important marketing details you can undertake. We work with a talented pool of graphic designers and illustrators, to develop cohesive branding that applies to all marketing materials.

We also offer a related course on the Basics of Branding


 Sales and Lead Generation

The key to generating revenue is to have a cohesive plan to sell products and services.  Each industry and business will have different techniques and opportunities for you to reach your key customers. Juggernaut takes the time to find out key demographics and the best methods to approach and educate them.  We also have the ability to create a personalized sales tools / department and with over 20 years of hands on experience can get you started or generate new growth.