At Juggernaut, we challenge the old axiom about those who can, do… ’cause we also teach.

We are constantly updating our skills and resources to provide people with cutting edge information that is intelligent, yet common sense, creative, yet practical, and highly energetic and entertaining. Our goal is to have you filled with great ideas, knowledge and inspiration.

Workshops are available in 1/2 day, full day, and evenings.  We can also create custom presentation and workshops based on the specific needs.

    • Fusion Marketing – Fusion Mind
    • Branding in Today’s New Media World
    • Entrepreneurial Annual Marketing Plan
    • Making Marketing Work
    • Secret to Generating Revenue
    • Social Media Advantage
    • Publicity:  The NEW Media Advantage
    • Social Media Promotions / Events
    • Effective Use / Creation of Advertising
    • Making Sales Online
    • New Media Marketing Materials
    • Improving Your Sales Efforts