Welcome to the Future…but wait there will be updates.

A quick note to those who are venturing out into the wonderful world of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Virtual Reality, don’t be in a panic, there will be updates, there will be changes.  To help get yourself through the chaos of technical development, follow these quick 3 steps.

  1. Breath – pick your mantra, then give it your best lung action. You need it, your brain needs it, your body can’t function without it. Clear your head, calm down the concern buttons and relax.
  2.  Research – the early adapters of new technology have their work cut out for them, not only do they have an urgent need to be the first, but they need to record it to prove that they know it, so, this means, what you need to know is out their and the match/motivator to get you going is a search away.
  3. MAP – Create a Marketing Action Plan that tells a story about your business then match it to the benefits and functions of new tech. Manage your time and balance it between learning new tech updates and securing sales conversions.

While your are working on these three steps remember, there will be changes, updates and this requires you to exercise patience.  Use this time to come up with new ideas or update your MAP.

This blog update brought to you by Microsoft – who just updated their system and made things go very crazy for some people…remember your not alone.

To the Future!