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Parentpreneur – Why is it so important today?

Currently in British Columbia 60% of businesses are entrepreneurs, people trying to make a living through ingenuity. When taking a long look at research and trends, the future of our economy will have huge dependency on people being able to come up with an idea and turn it into a money-making opportunity. We need teach our future generation, no matter what age, how to be entrepreneurial.

Celebrating 2 years of Bash & Co Cleaning

To my fortune I took the path of home care giver and entrepreneur. I believed it would be easy to do both, raise a child and run a business. It is not.

My child came first which demanded much of my time, and this put a wrench into my business that was also demanding of time. I chose the path of nurturing, as I realized this was literally a once and a lifetime opportunity. My business didn’t die. I kept it alive to keep my skills current and also bring in much-needed money, or at least as much as I could.

As my daughter grew up and started to become a young adult, something hit me and made me a little sick. How can I help her get a good education? I have spent years trying to keep my head above water, to fiscally provide as much as I could. I didn’t know what to do. Then, opportunity struck!

The janitorial service that once cleaned my wife’s office was retiring and they needed a new company to clean the office. They offered the job to my daughter and me. I looked at it as an opportunity for her to learn a work ethic and raise money for education.

Fusion marketing, fusion mind is a methodology I truly believe in. “Like minded people working together for mutual benefit.”

I saw more than just an opportunity for my daughter to work, but to also set up her own business. It was a chance for

Bash & Co Creating the Business

her to learn about the working future, to become entrepreneurially minded. We created Bash & Co Cleaning and now with two clients we have enough business to keep my daughter in the perfect balance of work, play and education.

I realized the importance of being a Parentpreneur. That it is more than just being a parent that is an entrepreneur, but a parent that teaches the importance of having an entrepreneurial mind. I needed to teach my daughter how to able to take care of herself. To show her the path to independence through ingenuity. By being able take a piece of paper and turn it into an opportunity. To truly believe in herself and see the results.

This path goes both ways, for the past 2 years I have learnt to become a better father, parent, leader, business partner, mentor and student. I have grown as a parent while working with my daughter, teaching her that in a company or on your own, having an entrepreneurial work ethic is important.

Today it is more important than ever that we all become Parentpreneurs. We need to nurture our future generation with ingenuity, to embrace a positive work ethic, to turn obstacles in to opportunities, to become teachers and students.

To looking forward to the future!

The New Beginning

Chris and Kootenay Lake

For over 25 years I have been working in the marketing industry and have had the pleasure of enjoying every step along the way.  I have had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the industry and have watched the development of technology seep into our daily existence.

Today is the New Beginning of Juggernaut Marketing Communications as we have re-designed our sense of purpose, updated our education and developed new campaigns for our tool box.

For he past 10 years Juggernaut Marketing Communications has inspired, educated and action-ed marketing campaigns, workshops and presentations to over 400 businesses.  Throughout this journey I have encouraged people to highlight the passion in their work and to keep researching for solutions.

The new voice of Juggernaut is a straight up look at marketing in a fun and educational style that is tailored for the busy entrepreneur, mom &  pop shop or small business.

I have maintained a blog for over 10 years but you will not find any trace of it hear, for with my new voice comes a new beginning.

Welcome to Juggernaut Marketing Communications, as you can see we are still developing our website and it will be fully operational soon.  This site will be a valuable marketing resources with a focus on helping you create a path / plan to follow and reasons to enjoy your efforts.

I look forward to the future.

Chris Holland